Who are the clients of the prostitutes?

According to research published in 2014, in recent years, the clients of escorts have changed. Married men are decreasing, from 70 to 50%, while young people and singles are increasing. Unfortunately, the number of those who go with minors is growing. Overall, customers decreased from 9 million for old research to 2.5 million, thanks to the economic crisis. But you shall analyze them in detail.

  • Lonely man

There are men who can’t help but pay a woman to have sex: it’s a necessity, a bit like smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for a smoker, or having a drink upon waking for an alcoholic. Theirs is a busty pornstars addiction. There are real forums online, where the serials review prostitutes and exchange opinions and suggestions. They are often married and apparently lead an irreproachable life, complete with double phones that they keep well hidden from their partners. But it’s not uncommon to find self- confessed single offenders who are very proud of what they flaunt as a mere recreational hobby.

  • Married dissatisfied

When the sexual understanding of the couple fails, the married man inevitably goes to look elsewhere for the satisfaction he no longer finds at home. And it is certainly easier to go to busty pornstars  prostitutes than to make a mistress with the risk of being caught and compromising the marriage.

  • The vicious

Those who lead a comfortable life, such as managers, entrepreneurs, politicians, always busy and often away from home, find in casual sex with luxury escorts a moment of leisure, of escape. The high edge ring becomes a symbol of power and wealth, like a branded watch or a beautiful car.

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