Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation: Review and How To Use It

Playing with the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Gen was my very first experience with a toy like this. It’s not a vibrator, it’s not a wand, so this is definitely a new style in the market. My first reaction was WOW! I wish I could have purchased it sooner!

After getting the toy all charged up, I got ready and set myself in the mood for this adventure. I pretty lubed myself up. I usually do this to get more experience and safety precaution for my skin as well. Pro tip: Use water-based lube because the head portion of the toy is silicone. That way, it won’t mess up your toy and can last the shelf-life for a few more years. On top of that, water-based lube is perfect since this is a suction sex toy.

How to Use the Satisfyer Pro 2

Using the sex toy is extremely easy. There’s an on/off button and + and – buttons that allow you to maneuver up/down as desired. All three buttons are easy to operate since they are all in one handle. In total there are 11 settings. I started with the lowest setting just to get a feel. I’ve gotten as far as seventh intensity but I’m unsure if I’ll ever get to the very last setting, but we’ll see. 

To actually use the toy, simply place some lubricant on the highest of the clitoris, in order that when the toy head is placed on top of the clitoris, it’ll create better suction. I turned the facility on and set it at rock bottom setting. I let it stay there for a couple of seconds then moved up a couple of settings so I could better feel the pressure waves. There’s some similarity to cunnilingus, but more the sucking part. It’s very targeted to the top of the clitoris which is simply so different than toys just like the Magic Wand. It’s even different from a rumbly bullet vibe. Although the pressure waves do create a touch of a rumble on the clit.

The up and down button makes it easier to toggle between different intensities. Have you ever used a toy and while on the verge of the orgasm, you want to dial it up a notch but can’t find the button? Well, this toy just solved that! No more frustrations, right? 

Verdict on Satisfyer Next-Gen Clit Stimulator

After using, I was trying to wrap my head on this product to understand its technology. Technically, it operates through negative pressure and wave stimulation. All I can say is, whatever it does, however it operates, it’s AMAZING! I truly have a replacement favorite toy. I had multiple orgasms with this toy and it was so satisfying!

Cleaning the toy is extremely easy. Satisfyer suggests cleaning it with a toy cleaner. The silicone head is removable for easier cleaning and replacement if necessary. Just let it air dry and place it somewhere private and you’ll have a company every night of your life.

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