Olivia 2.0 from RealDoll: Most Realistic Sex Doll

Understanding the Different Types of Sex Dolls Available in the Market

The first step in using a sex doll understands the different types available in the market. One of the most common types is the silicone sex doll, which is known for its realistic texture and feel. Another popular option is the TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) sex doll, which is softer and more flexible than silicone. Both types come in a variety of sizes and shapes to cater to your specific preferences.

Why we love Olivia 2.0:

Olivia 2.0 is the best realistic sex doll. While it’s also the most expensive, the robot doll’s integration of technology into self-pleasuring is remarkable. The well-crafted beauty is made from premium silicone material and is fully articulated with a metal skeleton to make the experience more natural.

Notably, Olivia 2.0 features the patented face X technology, a feature that lets you pair your doll with the real love doll head of your choice. Face X also adds a wide range of animatronic movements to the face, further enhancing realism.

We also loved the remarkable SenseX insert, unlike anything we have seen before. The unique insert is compatible with a dedicated xMode smartphone application. In a synergetic relationship, the insert picks movements and touches and translates them to the mobile app, which transmits audio feedback for improved arousal.

Like other sex dolls, you can fully customize Olivia 2.0 into a better version and the ultimate sex doll of your dreams. Pick your desired hair color, breast size, makeup style, and other specific features you want. And the best part about it is you can choose the perfect body type, something rare with regular sex dolls. You can also transform the lovely love doll into a transgender beauty with a 7.25″ or 9.5″ converter.

Minor Issues we found during testing:

While she might be the most realistic sex doll I reviewed, Olivia is the most expensive. The premium-grade attracts a starting price of $6773.99. The number can rise to 10K with a personalized touch.

Olivia 2.0 might be too much for beginners. And even with the multiple body sizes, the sex doll’s ideal for experienced folks looking to flex their muscles.

Why Olivia 2.0 is the most realistic sex doll:

Of the dozens of dolls we reviewed, nothing could match Olivia’s realism. All testers gave her 5/5 for realism, the highest score among all the models. In addition, she received high scores for the following key decision-making factors:

User Experience: Olivia 2.0’s Face X technology was a standout feature. The ability to choose the desired RealDoll head was a game changer. And with the enhanced animatronic facial movements, the robotic sex doll is the closest you’ll get to a human being.

Size Options: The full body customization with multiple body types to pick from was something we have always wished sex doll brands would add because it makes it easy to design your dream lover. And with extra features to improve and do away with, we enjoyed the thrill.

Design: With an outstanding rating of 97%, the reviewers couldn’t stop talking about all the high-tech features. The SenseX insert made the sensations life-like by picking your movements during sex and transmitting audio feedback.


Material: Silicone

Weight: 60 lbs – 90 lbs / 27 kg – 41 kg

Height: 4ft10 – 5ft10 / 147 cm – 178 cm


The most life-like sex doll.

High technology adoption, including the face X feature and the SenseX

Multiple body types are available.

It’s made from a premium-grade silicone material.

You can also add a transgender converter.


The most expensive love doll I’ve ever used – $6773.99.

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