How long should sex last  

Quick, long-lasting, and in between. Whichever it may be, we all have tales about our last sex, and of course, how long we often last in bed. While our sexual stamina differs and our sex duration might be embarrassing or a thing of pride, there is no doubt that there should be an average duration for all sexual intercourse. To have a perfect hint on this, you can check the free porn for women category.

An exciting sexual experience is one loaded with sparks, pleasure and explosion. This explosion is the climax, and for women, it is called orgasm. However, as simple as it sounds, it can be a really difficult thing. For many partners, it’s an episode of dissatisfaction, as most males experience premature ejaculation, and some females may never have an orgasm. The question now is: should ejaculation and orgasms be the definition of good sex? And if so, how long does it take? Regular consumers of the free porn for women category would undoubtedly have a clue on this.

The Normal Sex duration

Puzzling over the normal sex duration is no insane thing and is now a realistic experiment. So far, a carefully carried out research that saw over 500 couples come together in an ecstasy of romance. A stopwatch was used to monitor the time between penetration and ejaculation. It was discovered that the average sex duration is between 6-13 mins.

However, the range varies by individuals. While some can go past the average time, others might not even last up to that. Whichever you fall in, you don’t have to be numb or sad about it, as many factors tend to influence sex duration.

Here are a few factors;


As we grow older, our sexual steam begins to grow cold, and a one-time maestro might just become weak. Age affects our sexual stamina. The older we become, the more likely we tend to have reduced sex stamina.


Strain and stress are key factors, unlike what we see on the free porn for women category, where everyone looks strong and energetic. Stress reduces sex performance and shortens sex duration.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction could mess things up and shorten the average sex duration. Thus proper health measures must be taken to reduce the chances of its occurrence.


Drugs and some toxic substances may not go well with the reproductive organ. And they often tend to weaken sexual stamina and, in turn, reduce sexual performance.

A Road Map to Satisfaction

Whatever your sexual experience might be, there is still a road map to sexual satisfaction, which certainly is not having everything wrapped up in three minutes. For obvious reasons, the majority of people want to enjoy sex without having a time limit.

However, quickies and short ones should not keep you in dissatisfaction. Rather, partners must communicate with themselves on possible ways to have a more fun-packed and longer sex. And if you’re wondering how to make that come true, need no worries, you could check up; the free porn for women gallery.

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