A penis head pump is a male pumps that is significantly smaller than a normal penis pump and is designed to target only the head of the penis. Because of this, they are sometimes called a glans pump, a mushroom head pump, or a penis head enlarger. And just like normal pumps, there are manual penis head pumps, electric penis head pumps, and vibratory penis head pumps for those who like a little extra stimulation.

It works much the same way as a normal penis pump by using suction to create a vacuum effect inside the cylinder and draw blood to the head of the penis inside this cylinder. Increased blood flow can help create an erection. Using a penis ring in conjunction with a penis head pump can also help you maintain an erection longer by trapping blood inside the penis and restricting flow out. While these penis head pumps may help some achieve and maintain an erection, if you are looking for a pump to help with erectile dysfunction, we recommend that you stick to a full-size penis pump as this will give you the best possible results.

The main purpose of a penis head pump is to increase the size of the penis head with increased blood flow. A thicker, wider, and wider head may seem very attractive to some, but it also serves to create more room for sensation. The pumping process draws blood to this area and this makes the head of the penis (glans) much more sensitive. So the bigger the head, the more sensitivity and feel you will feel when you stimulate this area after pumping. In fact, pumping the head of the penis can increase the size of the tip by up to 30%. This means that there is 30% more area for stimulation and 30% extra feeling. If you are interested in having a huge rooster head, then one of these enhancement pumps should be your tool of choice. Sounds pretty good, right?

In addition to helping to create an erection, this increased blood flow to the head of the penis also makes this area fuller, more circumscribed, and much more sensitive to touch. In fact, the use of a penis head pump can temporarily increase the size of the head by 30%. While some pump for this particular aspect, it also means there is 30% more surface area to stimulate and 30% additional feel that can make orgasm feel much more intense. Simply slide the sleeve and cylinder over the top of the glans and lightly squeeze them together to create a vacuum inside the chamber. Pump slowly and allow a few moments before the next pump to allow your body to get used to the sensation.

If you are using an electric pump, simply place your penis inside the cylinder and press the button. It will pump and release so you don’t have to worry about looking at the gauge. With a main pump, the inner sleeve will be significantly tighter than a standard pump. This is because the cylinder does not fit inside your entire penis, so you cannot create a seal between the cylinder and your body. The sleeve helps create a seal on the shaft of your penis, so you should use a little water-based lubricant on the shaft of the penis so that the sleeve can sit comfortably and create an airtight seal.

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