Hong Kong Escortsdirectory: an introduction

Escorts are those people who spend time with their clients, as per their contract and the instructions given to them. Then, they deliver their services in exchange for money. Usually, these escorts are supposed to accompany their clients to social gatherings as their companions. Or the arrangement can also be to attend to the client for personal time, to spend it together as friends or acquaintances.

The primary work of hong kong escortdirectory.com is that they are supposed to provide companionship to their clients. They provide the clients with companionship and even give emotional support whenever needed. All these services are first mentioned during the deal’s signing.

Are prostitutes and escorts the same?

Escorts are way different from prostitutes, as they do not always provide sexual services to their clients. Escorts are people who offer the benefit of companionship to their clients. Their services are not always sexual, but they can be such if the client requests them. All in all, escort services vary according to the customer’s requirement and the contract.

Whereas the main objective of prostitution is to provide various types of sexual pleasure to their customers in return for their fees. The prostitutes seldom ever communicate with their clients, whereas the primary job of an escort is to communicate with their clients.

Types of escorts:

Escorts are of several different types, based on their gender or the type of services they provide:

  • Male escorts: They are generally hired by female clients for posing as their companions in social gatherings. Or, female clients may also need them for emotional or mental support after some drastic event in their personal lives. Male clients can also ask for male escorts if they need a same-gender friend or a homosexual.
  • Female escorts: They are generally hired by male clients as their companions in social gatherings or for personal favours. These unique favours may be sexual services or just companionship. The female clients are most sought after, not only due to sexual services but also for emotional support to the client.
  • Independent escorts: These are the type of escorts who are not affiliated with any specific escort agency or service. They operate independently on their terms and conditions. The escorts handle the entire process of scheduling a meeting with the client, signing the deal, and delivering the service. There is no mediator in their case. And the money is charged according to their policies.
  • Agency escorts: These escorts work under a specific agency and are bound to their terms and conditions. The entire process between the client and the staff happens with the help of a mediator, who is an employee of that agency. The companion is directly introduced to the client at the deal signing.

Therefore, the main difference between a prostitute and an escort lies in the services they provide to their clients.One of the most significant benefits of connecting with escorts for rent is that one will have a date for the night.