Facetime Sex – The Ultimate New Technology for Couples in Long Distance Relationships

Everyone has discovered Facetime for now. That television ad with the grandfather greeting his grandchildren, the father in a hotel sees his baby laugh and greet him. Facetime has taken the videophone to the key moment by making them easy to use and totally free. What Apple TV ads do not present are those lonely couples who painfully separate for prolonged periods. Although Facetime can be a fantastic tool to bring couples closer, long distance relationships are often difficult.

Let’s face it, we’ve all talked dirty or even delivered a mischievous text message to our partner at some point. In all those nightly nights when you are in each bed, far away, what can be much better than seeing them by your side. People have used Skype chat for a long time on their laptops, but clumsy laptops are in the form, screen saver pop-ups, and you’re in that awkward place where your elbow has been all Your fat Not effective This is exactly where smartphones, such as Adroid and iPhone phones, are available.

Imagine being on your cell phone, the discussion becomes a bit naughty, everyone is in the mood, the traditional problem appears, “So … exactly what are you wearing?” What if you can really show with just one click of your mouse? Facetime would make it super and possible simple: this is how xxx vid works:

During the phone call, a new icon appears on the phone in the form of a digital camera.

Click on the icon

The alternative interlocutor is asked if he will accept his request for Facetime Voilà. Your partner is with the screen of your phone and you also appear in theirs.

We have interviewed a large selection of couples with iPhones along with other smartphones. Many people have stated that they have tried to talk to Facetime Sex and find it irresistible. Others say no, but they are really curious. The truth would be that the concept is there. People simply have to click on that icon and also start using it. Of all the interviewees, when they tried, they were hooked. Not only were they enjoying telephone sex much more than before, but they had had it much more frequently!

Facetime Sex would be the potential future of telephone sex. Couples in long distance relationships should use it. We will soon publish an educational video on our blog to teach you exactly how simple it is and we will have some ideas from videos of real couples that you may have experienced with it. In case you don’t get an iPhone, you can also use Skype and Android mobile phones. Our next set of content articles will analyze Android along with Skype as a substitute.

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