Escort Services Around The World- From Atlanta Escorts To Zurich.

An escort is a sex worker, usually a female worker, that provides sexual services to clients for money. Escorts are usually tied up with an agency and not in a brothel. The services are not available to the general public but only to people ready to pay. An escort doesn’t necessarily display their service to the public and work in secrecy or take up the profession as a second job. Escorts are usually booked through phone calls. They are advertised in many campaigns, adds and magazines. Nowadays, the escort service is available through the service of the internet. People find using the internet comparatively easier as the pleasure is just a click away. Escort services have been going on for a long age and they are famous every day from atlanta escorts to Zurich escort.

Features of escort services

  • An escort usually puts up a picture of themselves in the place of advertising. It can be put onto a web page, a magazine or even a billboard.
  • The escort then explains in detail the sexual services they are willing to offer.
  • The escort service might be incall or outcall. In incall services, the client is supposed to come to the escorts and outcall services require the escorts to visit the place of the customer.
  • Porn stars may also be willing to provide escort services.

Internet escort services

  • Internet escort services are available everywhere throughout the world.
  • Many agencies operate solely through the internet.
  • Agencies may even provide escorts for longer durations than a day. That is, atlanta escorts may volunteer to accompany their customers to overseas trips.
  • Escorts may negotiate with the clients regarding the price.
  • The services are provided only after full payment is received

Safety features

  • Many sites guarantee that no violations are being done.
  • Sex trafficking is prohibited even in countries where internet escort services are legal.
  • The sites provide a disclaimer explaining that nudity will be offered
  • People below a certain age aren’t allowed to ask for the services. Proper identification proof is needed.
  • Girls under the age of 18 in some countries and 23 in others aren’t allowed to get signed with agencies. They are not allowed to offer their services individually without an agency as well.
  • Pimps, the leaders of escort services may be termed as criminals in case they are found breaking any rules.

Escort services are not completely legal everywhere. There are different rules to be followed by different companies and countries for it to be legally recognised in a particular country.

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