A detail about gigolos and their work profile

A male individual who engages in prostitution is known as a gigolo. He offers his body to women (usually of advanced age) in exchange for obtaining luxury item benefits such as money or any other gift. The reason why women go to these types of people is to have sexual pleasure. These types of individuals must have the right presence of mind and to be much more attractive for the opposite sex. In many regions of the world, the term chapero is also used to refer to the gigolos. However, they present a difference, and that is that the latter offer their services to people of the same sex.

Where one can find gigolo

The type of places where gigolós usually use to go is ostentatious sites, which enjoy high glamour since it is there where potential clients can be located. Some of the most frequent sites are bars, nightclubs, etc.

Work profile of gigolo

The fact that gigolo job in Pune is carried out by men who like to get luxury items and like to have sex with different women. On the contrary, the risks are usually very similar to those suffered by women in prostitution, such as the case of transmission of venereal diseases, violence, substance abuse, etc. Despite the above, it is essential to note that the world of the gigolos, is not openly known, like the prostitution.

How gigolos get clients

The man usually works alone, without a pimp and intermediaries. Some of them offer their services in the street, bars, or discos waiting for a potential client. Others do their call boy job at Turks, or t massages entre. They are common in shopping centers, on beaches, cruises, and hotels. Most of them offer their services through media notices or through innuendoes or approaches that pretend to be conquests in social environments in which their client prospect feels more protected and confident.

Gigolos for play boy job are very rare, although, of course, there are episodes in which a woman hires a man in the street for quick sexual contact seeking, for example, oral sex or a coital touch of opportunity.

Is gigolos job is safe to do or not:

Yes it is safe to do if call boy take precaution during their work. But if they will not take precaution, it may cause lot of health issue.

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